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Curtain or Blinds, which to Choose?

A very common debate in the interior designing of every household is in choosing the colour combinations, furniture, flooring and carpeting etc. Another big thing to ponder is to either choose curtain or blinds for different windows of your house. It is a tough choice for many as both have their own specific pros and cons. The main function of both the products is to give performance in 2 different factors which are mainly the natural light prevention and the privacy. The degree of quality in both these factors varies considerably between the two options. The curtain material is known to prevent the natural light in a better way as compared to a blind. While the privacy is also better and secure with a curtain as compared with the blinds.

So why should you Choose Curtain over Blinds?

There are several reasons behind the preference of curtains over the blinds. The following are some of the main reasons to prefer the curtain material over the blinds:

The variety, style and design is enormous in case of curtains. You can choose from a range of curtain material fabric, style, design and patterns to impress the visitors at your house. But, the blinds as you can expect are a bit rigid in this sense. They might just give you some colour options and that's it.

The installation of curtains is often much easier compared with the blinds. The installation of curtains can be done by installing the reeling just one time. On the other hand, blinds require some thorough professionals to come into your house and install the blinds. They remain fixed there and you could hardly remove it for changing or any type of cleaning purposes.

Curtain material is known to be cleaned with utmost ease and convenience as compared with the blinds. Firstly, curtains are only required to be cleaned once every 3 to 4 months, whilst blinds require frequent cleaning such as twice a month. The convenience of curtains can also be seen as they can be easily removed from the reeling for cleaning as they are attached with the loop hooks with the reeling. But the blinds are permanently attached and you cannot just remove it on your own with ease. This limitation not only affects your cleaning process, but also makes it difficult to change the blinds set on your own.

Curtains are also known to be long lasting, no matter whatever the curtain material is. It will definitely have a longer life as compared to the blinds. The material of blinds is such that it starts to show great wear and tear even after a few months of usage.